May 17, 2021

Driving Innovation Podcast: Dave Albano, RestorePoint

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The eighth episode in Tech Alpharetta’s Driving Innovation podcast series features Dave Albano, President and CEO of RestorePoint. Albano, who has been a transformative leader for RestorePoint, shares the company’s evolution from a bootstrapped backup and disaster recovery startup to a highly successful data management, business analytics, and information security company today.

Albano started his career as a programmer and worked for AT&T for 30 years, rotating to many different roles at the company, including marketing, strategy and operations positions. After overseeing the southeast region of the U.S. for business customers, he retired in 2015, looking for a change. He joined one of his previous AT&T clients, RestorePoint, as an investor, and after two years became CEO.

RestorePoint was founded as a backup and disaster recovery service provider for customers. As public cloud providers started to include backup as part of their cloud services, RestorePoint pivoted to offer cybersecurity services, partnering with Palo Alto Networks as one of its twelve certified managed security providers in the U.S.

“We didn’t want to be a ‘Jack of All Trades’ for cybersecurity. Whatever we’re going to do, we want to be the expert in it,” shared Albano. “We spent about six months looking at technologies that we wanted to offer and decided to standardize on Palo Alto Networks.”

RestorePoint later added data management and business analytics to its suite of services, in response to market needs.

Today, RestorePoint is headquartered in Alpharetta and has 16 employees. Businesses utilize RestorePoint’s PLASMA platform to move, protect, secure and analyze critical data wherever it is generated (laptop, desktop, IoT device or SaaS application) across any cloud environment (public, private or hybrid).  In addition, PLASMA’s new automation engine enables businesses to take action and manage outcomes based on their data using scheduled or event-driven workflows.

“We started out with six employees, now we’re at 16. Our entire team works and lives here in Alpharetta,” added Albano. “Alpharetta has a large talent pool that we can select from, which makes a big difference. In our experience, one great person is as good as three average people.”

Listen to learn more about Albano’s experience growing RestorePoint into a local startup success story.



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