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Thanks for your interest in Tech Alpharetta. Please see our guidelines below for using our brand resources.

Our Name

“Tech Alpharetta” is two words, spelled with a capital “T” and a capital “A”.

Our Colors

Tech Alpharetta’s colors are black and white.


Tech Alpharetta’s graphics are proprietary intellectual property, protected under U.S. law.

Please don’t alter these files in any way, and please don’t use these graphics as part of your own business or product or service name.

Please don’t combine our graphics with any other graphics without our written permission.


Our Logo

Our Tech Alpharetta logo may be downloaded as a PNG file. Please don’t alter Tech Alpharetta’s logo.

Tech Alpharetta Logo
Tech Alpharetta Logo

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Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact:

Colleen Murphy, Vice President

Trevelino Keller

404.214.0722 x109

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