Our Incubator Members


2MyCoach is a revolutionary virtual coaching platform with a personal approach. We connect student athletes to professional coaches who help them channel their potential into real results.


Truefairnews is a startup focused on News and election-related data analytics.


Annoviant provides proprietary medical device technology that augments cardiac tissues and grows with the patient.


We leverage the best AI technology available in the field to make voice technology available from any

device you already own by solving all the last mile problems

Blue Opal

Blue Opal’s purpose is to support you in how you approach life and work,
and give you control to win against the loss of time, the forgotten or
the missed.


Custom AR, VR and Data Analytics solutions/platforms to enhance B2B and B2C marketing processes. Captivatar also excels at creating and implementing other AR verticals like enhanced training and manufacturing processes using the latest AR tools.


CareerMunzill is a data-driven platform that leverages AI to help match students with the industry, college, and job that is the best fit for them. As CareerMunzill guides students in advancing their careers, they are able to provide skilled and affordable candidates to small and mid-size firms.

Earth Energies

Earth Energies is an early stage intellectual property and technology company developing world-changing products in electric power.

Ennaid Therapeutics

Darnisha Harrison (President & CEO)

Espy Data Science

Our expert data scientists extract insight from the data your business generates, and delivers the analytics that you need to make informed decisions quickly.


Fokusly is a next-gen social networking platform based on social portfolios. A portfolio is a set of profiles/personas with different levels of privacy, all in the same account. This platform enables powerful personal branding, discovery, and content relevancy.

FuelTrust, Inc.

FuelTrust leverages its maritime technology platform to authenticate relationships across the marine fuel lifecycle, digitally verify data from shared sources, validate decarbonization and compliance, and identify potential bunker fraud and risk. With deep insight into when, where and from whom quality fuel is supplied, our solution allows you to alleviate the financial impact of bad fuel, mitigate regulatory risk, and empower sustainable shipping.

Gather Sciences

Gather Sciences is a Balanced Hybrid™ framework designed to help companies overcome the most common challenges to a successful and sustainable hybrid work model and to create an in-office experience that draws associates together and ensures that in-office workdays truly differ from remote workdays.  For organizations or departments that want to embrace the key principals of Balanced Hybrid™, Gather Sciences offers software modules that are uniquely designed to accelerate and streamline the process.


GeniusMesh is a closed NETWORK of executives to explore confidential opportunities with each other,

Coaching. Recalibrated. An all-in-one platform designed to simplify coaching, add consistency, and drive measurable results to your clients. Save time, money, and headaches while your end users gain knowledge more effectively than ever.

INTERP is a health-tech company collaborating agile development of technologies to streamline and disrupt the Translation and Interpretation Industry. INTERP is the Uber model for interpretation services in the healthcare ecosystem.

Immediate Solutions

On-demand access to earned wages


We train and provide you opportunities in the vast competitive tech space while providing innovative solutions to business that needs proficient contractors.

Landdai Global

B2B SaaS company specializing in artificial intelligence designed to create, personalize, and present talent to development resources.

Likeit Social

Likeit Social is a social media management system to manage clients’ social media for marketing agencies and enterprises.

Line of Sight Health

Line of Sight Health creates visibility and status awareness without compromising privacy allowing for significant improvements in the utilization of critical care resources such as surgical and imaging suites.

My Influency

My Influency makes carrying out impactful local influencer campaigns simple, safe, and cost effective for local businesses. We provide a subscription free platform that empowers small businesses to safely search for, negotiate, and contract with local influencers. At My Influency, it’s easier than ever to partner with local influencers to create ads that drive real local engagement, discussion, and traffic.

NuTEQ Solutions

NuTEQ Solutions delivers a SaaS-based Advanced Subscriber Management platform to the broadband service industry. We empower client subscribers with access to a full range of mobile, self-service tools that result in lower costs and happier subscribers for our clients.

Olympus Entertainment

Entertainment Technology


OneCommute develops and deploys commuter program sw applications that: deliver options for drivers who commute to work; collect commuter data; and create algorithms to predict commuter profiles. OneCommute creates applications that reduce single occupancy vehicles, decrease CO2 emissions, and provide organizations significant return on investment by deploying commuter programs.

Papster Analytics

Data analytics and privacy solutions for the future.

Pull Logic

Pull Logic’s Product Availability Ratio (PAR) provides the insights and data to improve product availability and increase sales without increasing inventory​.


Rali is a comprehensive change experience platform for organizations of any size—an advanced digital engagement system for all of your initiatives, content, coaching, and community. Coupled with intelligent analytics, Rali translates interaction into valuable insight, helping you realize a faster time to impact and lasting change.



Easy to set up, Easier to manage – Complete control of the messaging on unlimited TVs and Tablets in your business and in other businesses around town!

Daniel K Shub

Sumee Consulting LLC

Education IT Software.


Cybersecurity for individuals, families, and C-levels


Post-surgical pain control reimagined. Neuromodulation technology that delivers long-lasting, non-narcotic pain management. No pain, no drugs, no motor loss.


Transform your Vendors into Partners. Make smarter decisions. Build stronger relationships. Optimize performance.


Tranzhalo develops highly specialized security devices that protect a fleet’s telematic system from cyberattacks. With the rise of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and more advanced computer systems inside today’s vehicles, the need to create a digital halo that thwarts interference and cyberattacks has never been greater. Tranzhalo is a proud ATDC (Georgia Tech) Accelerate and Venture Atlanta company and considered a rising star with private equity and investment groups throughout the southeast.

Traq365 Corporation

Traq.ai analyzes every call your sales team makes and provides actionable insights for them to reach superhuman levels of success.


Vacmobile’s mission is to obtain certified, HIPAA compliant,
vaccination and pandemic health status records for each
subscriber, store securely in a digital vault, and transmit these
veried results on-demand from their smartphone. We are also
making it possible for instant verification and proof that an
individual is up to date on their legally required vaccinations and
all pandemic-related health status records


Our mission is to provide solutions and add value to our clients to achieve their full potential through vendorship, procurement with governmental and non-governmental agencies.


Yobod is a fitness application aimed to change the way we look at personal training with remote solutions for both clients and trainers.

Zaggy AI

Empower your systems to see, think, and act like your domain experts with AI-driven sensor fusion.


Connect Directly with Hiring Managers and Get Hired Faster!

Graduate Companies


Positioned at the junction between innovative, conscious fashion and self-empowerment, Beringei is here to shake up the industry in a brand new way. Crafted to match the needs and desires of the emerging generations, we’re serving fashion in a way that’s fast-paced and adaptive – just like you.

Evident ID

Ensure comprehensive COI compliance and risk mitigation across industries such as retail, lending, supply chain, marketplaces, construction, franchises, and more.


We’re an extremely sought-after team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working to put our advanced AI technology to practical use for the advancement of agriculture.


Helping Financial Institutions Navigate Cybersecurity


“FUSMobile provides a better therapeutic solution to alleviate pain in a noninvasive manner thereby improving quality of care and the patient’s experience while saving major costs to healthcare providers.”

iVue Robotics

iVue Robotics is determined to create a future of drones for use at home and work just as often as phones, cars, and computers are used today. With the developer market adopting and building a development community around Develop Air, iVue Robotics is poised to release a consumer and commercial oriented drone as its next product.

Juice Analytics

Juice was founded in 2005 by two brothers who shared a passion for data and design. They saw a problem in the marketplace. Organizations were working hard to analyze and disseminate data but they were not delivering the “last mile” in analytics, enabling data to reach the minds of decision-makers and influence action. Juice Analytics is tackling this problem head-on.

Lead Out

Consulting and software solutions to service providers and internal IT organizations alike to exceed the expectations of their customers.


We discover, develop and distribute transformative products through equitable business models that reach all people. We believe one day everyone will have to opportunity to live free, live well, and live to our full potential because of greater access to transformative solutions.

Luis Robots

Our mission is to empower Robot enthusiasts and research fellows by putting the power of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanics, Electronics and Engineering in their hands. That’s why we’ve designed a humanoid robotic kit to use with NVIDIA Jetson single board computer.


You have a lot on your plate. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! With people spread across multiple locations and more and more of us working remotely, it’s important for companies to have the right tools in place for a successful workplace. That’s why we created Maptician – a software that helps you plan and manage your company’s hybrid offices.




Distributed Energy Systems for power dependability and efficiency


Revitalizing the manufacturing sector by allowing businesses to “variablize” labor costs in small increments.


At vLink Solutions, we help you from ideation to distribution. We are marketers that know how to leverage video and live streaming to help you get your message delivered.


Voxie’s text marketing platform engages millions of customers each month, resulting in 10X more revenue than other marketing channels.


Worthix’s mission is to easily measure people’s experiences and explain their unique expectations and behaviors at scale.


Built for the Renter, our online Equipment Rental Management System automates the rental process for you, giving you control and saving you time, while increasing your bottom line.

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