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Tech Alpharetta’s Women’s Forum ran a pilot of its new STEAM mentoring program at Fulton County School’s Innovation Academy High School in spring 2022. Based upon the success of that pilot, in partnership with the Innovation Acadamy, our Women’s Forum officially launched our STEAM mentoring program for the 2022-2023 school year, on August 24, 2022.

Our Women’s Forum’s STEAM mentoring program’s goal is to help inspire more girls to pursue STEAM careers.

Our mentoring program pairs senior-level, female tech executives with a cohort of Innovation Academy’s female high school students, to provide the students with a resource and role model as they begin to consider college majors and to develop potential, future career interests.


According to the 2023 Global Gender Gap Report, women make up 29.2% of the STEM workforce in 146 countries, while men make up the remaining 70.8%. Despite a 1.58% increase in STEM female workers between 2015 and 2023, a troubling gender imbalance remains. In the US, women make up 24% of the STEM workforce, while in the EU, they make up 17%.  

Factors Contributing to the Gender Gap:

Stereotypes: STEAM fields are often seen as masculine, and girls are discouraged from pursuing them at a young age.

Unconscious Bias: Even unintentional biases can hold women back. This can happen in hiring, promotion decisions, and even how much credit women receive for their work.

Lack of Role Models: There are far fewer women in leadership positions in STEAM fields. This makes it harder for girls to find relatable role models and mentors who can show them what’s possible.

Tech Alpharetta Announces Launch of Women’s Forum STEAM Mentoring Program

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Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum Announces that its STEAM Mentoring Program will Double in Size for 2023-2024

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Thank you to our 25 volunteer mentors and Women’s Forum Board members for giving nearly 400 hours of their time to make our 2023-2024 STEAM Mentoring Program such a success! And, a big thank to you Pam Whitlock and Binita Patel at Innovation Academy High School for making this program possible. Finally, thank you to our Program Director, Lisa West, for going above and beyond to help manage our program. We look forward to launching our 2024-2025 STEAM Mentoring Program this August, pairing 30+ female tech executive mentors with 30 female high school students!

Interested in becoming a Women’s Forum mentor? Please contact Lisa West

Women’s Forum Advisory Board

Sunita Arora

Women’s Forum Advisory Board Co-chair and Chief Operating Officer at Medicus IT

Sherry Askin

CEO and Founder, Omni Software Systems

Karen Cashion

CEO Tech Alpharetta

David Fisher

Women’s Forum Advisory Board Co-chair and Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Cheryl Kleiman

Regional Vice President of Sales, Flexential

Karyn Mullins

Rachael Nagrowski

Executive Director - Sales Operations and Enablement, Verizon Business Group

Jenni Palocsik

VP Enablement Operations, Verint

Emmy Weber

Chief Marketing Officer, Surgical Information Systems

Laura Wysong

CEO and Founder, Tranzhalo Inc.

Binita Patel

STEM Teacher and Program Sponsor, Innovation Academy High School

Lisa West

Program Director, Tech Alpharetta

Pamela Whitlock

Program Director | Computer Science Instructor, Innovation Academy

To Become a Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum Sponsor, please reach out to Emmy Weber.

Thank you to our Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum STEAM Mentoring Program Foundational Sponsors:

Thank you to our Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum STEAM Mentoring Program Community Sponsors:

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