Jul 5, 2022

Driving Innovation Podcast: Ken Patel, Founder and Chairman, EV Hotel Corp.

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The 17th episode in Tech Alpharetta’s Driving Innovation podcast series features Ken Patel, founder and chairman of EV Hotel Corp.

EV Hotel is the first cryptocurrency and technology hotel brand. Focused on automation, EV Hotel enhances hotel culture and the overall stay quality for guests. The company’s EV Human is the world’s first all in one software and its EV Smart is its series of IoT devices. With more than 15 EV Smart devices in each room, guests can use the EV Smart mobile app to utilize technology like EV Smart Mirror, EV Smart Shower, EV Smart Speaker, EV Smart Door Lock and much more. EV Hotel employees have one title, “experience employee,” where they provide touchscreen assistance at the Experience Desk rather than a traditional check-in desk. Cryptocurrency is a major component of EV Hotel Brand, in which guests can buy, sell and trade crypto in the EV Hotel Crypto Ballroom. Those participating must be NFT holders, but EV Hotel offers opportunities to help guests set up their cryptocurrency accounts.

Ken Patel began his journey in the hospitality industry at age 15, when he worked at a hotel in high school. He went on to be a leader and innovator in the hospitality world for 26 years, earning himself the reputation as the “Elon Musk of hospitality.” Patel moved from New York to Alpharetta because of the city’s tech-driven atmosphere. For this reason, EV Hotel’s corporate office is located here, and EV Hotel Group plans to build an EV Hotel in Alpharetta.

“The focus is how do we help our employees, how do we help our guests, how do we create the automation and create a less task driven system for our employees, so they feel comfortable coming to work, and the guests get an experience with EV Hotel,” shared Patel.

Listen to learn more about Patel’s story and the elaborate world of EV Hotel.

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