Feb 6, 2024


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Tino Mantella serves as Managing Partner at Retained and Chief Strategy Officer for Relevantz. A newly formed executive search firm, Retained focuses on technology placements at the C-Suite level. Mantella sees strong potential for the company to play an integral role in the Alpharetta tech community, sourcing the best people to make placements in C-Suite roles.

Relevantz is a more established company that focuses on custom software engineering and using cloud platforms and digital technologies to support companies’ technology needs. Geared to augment staff and develop custom software solutions, Relevantz develops technology and pushes companies forward, especially in the Alpharetta community.

Mantella has played an integral role in the startup and development of Tech Alpharetta, serving on the original group of board members. He recalls a conversation with former Mayor David Belle Isle discussing the potential for Alpharetta to be the premier technology city of the South and how it could expand its ever-growing impact on the technology industry.

Since his start with Tech Alpharetta, Mantella acknowledges how much it has evolved over the past 20 years. What once was a city and state focused on raw goods is now a vast ecosystem expected to expand its growth in fintech and the healthcare IT space. “Alpharetta is going to be doubling down on their investment, not just in technology, but a broader swath of areas where we can really make an impact,” said Mantella.


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