Oct 18, 2021

Driving Innovation Podcast: Jagruti Solanki, BitPay

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The 12th episode in Tech Alpharetta’s Driving Innovation podcast series features Jagruti Solanki, CFO at BitPay. Alpharetta-based, BitPay, a global bitcoin payment processing company, is a tech thought leader in blockchain and in the cryptocurrency space.

Solanki began her career in Atlanta in 2007 as an auditor at Top 50 CPA firm, Aprio. While she was there, she worked with companies in many different industries but took a keen interest in working with technology companies. She began working on the BitPay account in 2014, where she was introduced to crypto and blockchain. She realized that crypto and blockchain wasn’t going away anytime soon and worked to build Aprio’s blockchain practice, leading to her position with BitPay.

While building Aprio’s blockchain practice, Solanki and some of her partners invested a significant amount of time learning about the space. “You really need to have a passion for learning about a new industry and have a willingness to step outside your comfort zone to be successful in it,” shared Solanki.  “Without passion it’s hard to invest your time into something that you know you’re not that interested in.”

Now an industry expert in the space and CFO at BitPay, Solanki is contributing from a thought leadership standpoint on the challenges and future potential of crypto and blockchain. Her experience of looking at the industry from the accounting and auditor point of view sets her apart, and BitPay has been working to assist with crypto clarifications and guidance being created at the regulatory level.

Listen and watch to learn more about BitPay and Solanki’s professional journey.



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