Apr 22, 2024


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Whitney Stewart Russell serves as President of Digital & Financial Solutions at Fiserv, one of the world’s largest fintech companies. Fiserv provides payments and financial technology solutions to thousands of financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, as well as merchants, small businesses, and households. Russell oversees the management of digital technology for financial institutions, including digital banking, online banking, online account opening, and more.  

Fiserv was introduced to Tech Alpharetta through the Alpharetta Chamber during a visit to the Fiserv campus in Alpharetta. Fiserv values its work and involvement with Tech Alpharetta, benefitting from its networking opportunities and getting to know local businesses and young entrepreneurs. Tech Alpharetta has opened the doors for Fiserv to deepen its roots in the community,  identifying potential partnerships and getting to know future talent.  

Being a part of Tech Alpharetta, Russell expresses how important it is to get involved with the local tech community. Companies are given a wider scope into what creative young people are doing in the technology space and how to plan for what’s coming next in the industry. As more and more entrepreneurs flock to Alpharetta, they are starting up new companies, sourcing the right mentorship programs, and working with established businesses. 

“The technology community is booming in Alpharetta,” said Russell. “It’s great for established companies who can innovate differently with partnerships, and it’s great for new companies because it’s such a nurturing place. We’re proud to be part of Tech Alpharetta and would encourage others to get involved, build connections and help keep our community growing.” 


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