Nov 19, 2020

Driving Innovation: Ryan Hollenbeck Discusses Transformational Leadership, Initiatives and More

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The fourth episode in Tech Alpharetta’s Driving Innovation podcast series explores a transformational leader in the Alpharetta Tech community. Ryan Hollenbeck, SVP of Global Marketing at Verint Systems and chairman emeritus of Tech Alpharetta’s strategic advisory board, shares his experiences and thoughts on leadership.

Verint is a global market leader in customer engagement software. Hollenbeck joined Verint after Verint’s acquisition of Atlanta-based Witness Systems, in 2007. “Not only do we offer software to help companies balance customer experience with operational efficiency, but we also have an internal customer experience program where we focus explicitly on how we can make it easier for Verint to do business with our customers,” says Hollenbeck.

The customer experience program is a big part of Verint’s success over the last few years, and during the pandemic, customer service and experience is more important than ever. In February of 2021, the business will separate into two successful software companies, one a cyber security company and the other a standalone customer engagement software company.

For Hollenbeck, part of being a transformational leader is how you transform yourself to adapt to ongoing changes and look at your work from different points of view every few months.  Hollenbeck has played a large part in launching Verint’s transformational customer experience program that has shifted the focus of the organization to the customer.

Hollenbeck has also proven to be a transformational leader as chairman of Tech Alpharetta’s strategic advisory board. During his two-year term, he focused on bolstering the working partnership with the city and getting hands-on with local tech leaders. He worked to enhance the makeup of board; welcoming not only local tech companies, but also technology leaders in the area, such as CIOs and CTOs from large companies headquartered in Alpharetta.

Listen to learn more about Hollenbeck’s journey to become the transformational leader that he is today.


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