Jan 8, 2024


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Arjuna Chala is the Associate Vice President of Cybersecurity, Automation and Telemetry at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. The company provides data and analytics used to make organizations more secure. People and businesses rely on LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ analytics to validate if there’s any risk in engaging in a new partnership with an individual or business. The same functionality is extended to businesses sourcing other businesses.

Chala has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions for over 10 years, serving in other roles such as Associate Vice President, HPCC Systems and Senior Director. As a primary leader in innovation, LexisNexis Risk Solutions open-sourced its data platform in 2011 to gain support from able partners. With this need, along with the continued level of innovation surrounding HPCC systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions looked for help from a local partner.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions sought out Tech Alpharetta for its reputation of being a hub for innovation. For more than four years, both organizations have worked together to further innovation progress and growth in the Alpharetta tech community.

“When Karen from Tech Alpharetta came into the picture, which happened through a previous collaboration with another incubator startup, our progress toward innovation moved forward very quickly,” said Chala.


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