May 8, 2023


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Dominic Savio serves as Chief Executive Officer for Relevantz, a custom software engineering company based in Alpharetta. Relevantz employs over 1,200 engineers, spanning five global offices. Using cloud platforms and digital technologies, the company builds custom software solutions for businesses and enterprises in the finance, insurance, media and healthcare industries.

Savio has been a member of the Alpharetta community since 1997, when he moved here to start his family. He was introduced to Tech Alpharetta when retired Relevantz CEO, Rich Napoli, insisted the company be more engaged with the community. Once Savio stepped into his current role as CEO, he wanted to re-commit both himself and Relevantz to Tech Alpharetta.

Reflecting on the many years he has been involved with Tech Alpharetta, Savio attributes much of Relevantz’s success in the community to Tech Alpharetta’s CEO, Karen Cashion, for envisioning ways the city’s leaders can contribute to the tech community. “Because of Karen and Tech Alpharetta’s hard work and dedication, Relevantz has benefitted as a company, seeing significant growth over the past 10 years,” shared Savio.

Having worked with Tech Alpharetta for many years, Savio emphasizes the opportunities it provides for professional and social connection with technology leaders and startups, while also acting as a platform for businesses to listen and share the lessons learned from their various experiences, challenges or opportunities. Savio has seen how enterprise leaders and companies have flocked to the Alpharetta tech community and foresees continued growth with opportunities like mentorship programs and tech events.

“We’re going to continue contributing to the community through working with Tech Alpharetta and share our thought leadership on how emerging technologies can help companies re-think or re-shape their business capabilities for the better or how they can best deliver business outcomes to their end customers,” said Savio.



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