Apr 3, 2023


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Scott Danner serves as Chief Commercial Officer for RestorePoint.ai, an Alpharetta-based company specializing in managed data and analytics services. Danner has worked at RestorePoint.ai for over six years and has lived in Alpharetta for more than 20 years. At RestorePoint.ai, Danner and his team provide real-time operational and business intelligence data management services for companies. RestorePoint’s data operations team and global platform reduce the cost, security risk, and complexity associated with building and maintaining a modern data and analytics platform.

Danner’s family has deep roots and connections within the Alpharetta community, having sent all three children through the Alpharetta school system. During his previous job at AT&T, Danner was first introduced to Tech Alpharetta, where he worked with companies within the Tech Alpharetta ecosystem, sparking his interest in joining the community.

Because RestorePoint.ai started like many companies involved in Tech Alpharetta, Danner believes there is great value to participating in the growing Alpharetta tech community. It is an opportunity for a company like RestorePoint.ai to not only give back and share insights and experiences, but a chance to learn from the involved companies and startups.

“Over the next few years, I see the Alpharetta tech community evolving to really become more of a partner-centric ecosystem,” said Danner. RestorePoint.ai currently provides knowledge sharing and guidance to the Alpharetta startup community, but also has the ability to provide technologies to help startups grow faster, improve their cost structure and accelerate their business models. “I see us being involved in a type of technical partnership where we can grow together.”



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